Nov 262001

i think i may be ornery because i’m dehydrated and pre-menstrual.

i need chocolate and water.

had a few bad pieces of broccoli last night that sent me to the porcelian god

1-2-3-4-5!!!! times…

bad broccoli + coffee (diuretic) + pms rollercoaster + work = homicidal maniac.

i’m off to press D2 for a snickers…

  6 Responses to “remedy”

  1. OK, then, Snickers BID, with frequency to be increased if pulse and respiration do not respond appropriately within 48 hours.

    Frankly, though, if you were my patient, I’d say you were BAR and release you.

  2. You know, all day, I’ve been inquiring ‘whas up with my Philly friend, Lord?’ and feeling the need to pray for you…which I’ve done, will do, until the mino-paws passes.

  3. i hope you have a fran-tastic break!

  4. Yum…Snickers

    Hope your feeling better soon

    ; )

  5. i hear ya, but i don’t know if the stars do:

    This could be a frustrating day for you, Franny, if you insist on having things done your way. More than likely, this mode of action will create more enemies than friends. Give your mind a break and let your intuition take over. Chances are, the less you have to think about a decision, the better a decision it will be. Over-analyzing the situation will only prove to be a waste of time for everyone involved. The answer is pure and simple.

  6. Yes…your sweet ass does! 😉

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