Nov 252001

ah, breakfast with the beatles on a quiet sunday morning with sleepy kitkats, one load tumbling in the dryer and another doing a watery and slippery twist next door. piles of notes and cardiology books, i’ve got to get myself together and write this case study, get ready for my oral report…

i’m craving just one puff or maybe two, but i’m glad i’ve quit, it’s really a stinky habit, i hate my clothes and sheets smelling like a bar, plus it’s silly to have to pay for the possibility of cancer…heck i can get that free, just breathing air…

now, i’m bouncing from station to station, no thin white duke here, it’s a pink floyd morning, with roll over beethoven quickly chasing down that sad beer…

i hate public speaking, that’s why i chose to dance. my body used to make good sentences, now it’s silent and a little bit chubby, perhaps i’ll take a dance class this summer???

it’s gone from feline hip dysplasia to congestive heart failure, and finally to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with a little fiv thrown in for good measure…

i wish i could just bring ms. sheera in and let her explain her ailments, i’ll sit and be good like any good cat owner should…

*has anyone figured out i deleted about 400 entries? hence the 777

  10 Responses to “rubber soul”

  1. Ooh…a biting quote. i like it.

  2. fabulous quote!!

  3. btw, many thanks for the wedding gift ideas

  4. franny, my old kitty used to feast on my green stuff. I’ve taken him to the vet and the old boy is in good condition, a little stiff jointed but okay. A little catnip and he thinks he is stud tom again, however, he tends to fall over when he tries to mount the young miss

    Poor kat!

  5. it’s quite simple with the tube filters, once you get the hang of it. i can’t roll my own.

  6. i could never pack my own, slipperman, somehow i can see you doing it!


  7. hmmmm…Spanish Dance class huh?….I best let the wine buzz die off before I make a decision…because right about now I think I can fly!

    ; )


  8. oh, franny, you’re killing me with thoughts of pink floyd….the beatles. i’m almost finished watching a king crimson concert. i shoulda been there when it all began.

    alas, third butt in smokeless ash tray. home oils, fabric deoderizer, wash cloths and socks thrown in the dryer soaked in oil to kill the smell. i guess they work, a little. at least i pack my own.

  9. morning franny

    I’m happy for you and @ the same time so jealous of your quitting the butts. How do you do it?!#*

    I was thinking of taking a dance class also….Let’s do it!

    ; )

  10. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy? Let the Clueless Wonder tag along as well. He has his tales to tell.

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