Oct 312001

the moon will beam down its fullness for the first time on Halloween since 1955. my place of employment is in full Halloween gear, carved and decorated pumpkins, bats, fanged ghosts and a witch strategically placed on the elevator doors..(she looks like she crashed head on and her face and broom are stuck in between the doors!)

-one of my favorite holidays

-has the best damn candy!

-adults get to be silly

but i’m not working today, have school and school…


hope someone saves me a goodie bag….chocolate/chewy candy need apply only.

come home, put my gorilla mask on and scare the cats!!


hope you all keep you and yours (including outdoor pets!!) safe this wonderfully spookeriffic halloween!

Oct 292001

yep. the cats won today…i have a wonderful little nick on my left forearm and another one on my right wrist, back claws do just as much damage…the front paws have been declawed. one of the cutie pies actually jumped on my shoulder like a monkey! he probably would have sat on my head if i let him.

i love them though. even the ones with cattitude… so that was the fun part of my day…now, i sit at work until 10:30pm 🙁 it’s gonna be a long day…

but it is a beautiful day out there today…walking to the bus-stop this morning was a real pleasure.

anyhow, hopefully tomorrow franny will tie the score…


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Oct 292001

and i just can’t get the ole tail moving. i’m dog tired and sore as hell from moving all of those bound volumes and shelves. my hands feel like they have arthritis, my lower back is in desperate need of shiatsu….

doesn’t matter that it’s morning with the beatles, when you guess the right answer, you get mugged (jumbo beatle mug)…ms. lizzy, beethoven, and george’s trippy sitar can’t push me along to lift one foot over the tub side and turn the faucets…go shower already…the kitkats await..

ms. uti is shredding the hell out of my fingers. it’s tough trying to pill a cat with only one hand while the other holds the little spitfire trying to break her paws free from the super jumbo beach towel that’s a temporary straight-jacket. ah, but how angelic she looks sleeping on the corner tip of my bed…do i see a smile on those catlips?

Oct 282001

ridiculous. forgot to turn the clocks back…i’m now up, showered, and dressed at 4:52am. getting ready to go in to work to make up for taking wednesday off…

coffee, toast, and milk duds…

nothing better than listening to the jazz station on a sunday morning…smoothe and slow, sweet & low…something about slow motion sax notes taking their sweet ass time, floating like fat bubbles overhead…

fall is here. it left it’s cool scent on my turtleneck, came in the door with the breeze at my heels…and it made me a little sad. coolness in the morning or late night requires an extra body to keep the nest heated, cuddle away blue loneliness, make me not get out of bed sunday morning…

this feels like the morning after, a huge friendly party, night full of drinking and merry and desperate hugs with the neighbor, only to fall into slumber by myself, single-ness…

under the covers early sunday morning, no friend at my side, just two cats meditating ’bout franny’s emptiness..

Oct 272001

what a night. planned on going into work today…but ms. mina had other plans for me…

took a long nap after work yesterday. both cats joined me. got up and heated some leftovers for dinner, called mom, and watched mina go to the litter box at least 5-6 times while i was on the phone…i’m thinking this is odd. so, i follow her on the way to the litterbox again. check to see if she’s urinating and how much. listen for any meowing in pain etc… finally whip out the latex gloves i used during the gowning and gloving lab at school. put one glove on and hold it under the dribbles of urine….blood!

-first thought…kidneys!!!!

-second thought…uti!!!

-third thought…at least she’s not blocked! (normally a male cat problem)

-call the vet…for an emergency #

-call emergency # and describe the situation

-sleep poorly all night watching over her

this morning i called the vet and brought mina in…boy was she stinky! her bladder was empty (the ride to the doc usually does this along with causing her to pant and produce excessive amounts of saliva, and poop!) my knapsack is full of paper towels and plastic bags and newspaper. so, in she goes next saturday for a U/A and in the meanwhile, she’s on meds…she not too fond of having a pill stuffed down her throat.

could it be stress?? all i know is that orangehead has been very bossy with her ever since i got my bed…what to do? what to do?

at least it doesn’t seem to be anything serious…but the doc must have remembered i was studying to be a vet tech because the first thing she said to me was, “Now, what can you tell me about UTI’s?” i answered, “I’m getting quizzed?” 😉

great doc. i feel very comfortable going there. very nice staff. her assistant was wonderful! gave Mina a free body massage that calmed her down.

i’ll have to crack down on Ms. Orangehead tormenter.

here she is:

heres the recipient: