Aug 312001

“up and down a puppy’s hair fleas and ticks jump everywhere…”

today i need rollerskates and a little red wagon to carry what my arms are too sore to… i’m not ready today, not ready. still some cleaning to do, coffee grinds to throw away…cat litter to sweep up, old newspapers about a year old, waiting in vain for the recycle blue bins…

cleaned a thick blanket of dust from some of my books, watteau’s mezzetin on the cover of one, nefertiri’s head on another, my black spell book with silver ribbon, veterinary nursing books with the heart drawn backwards…my deutsch heute tapes to go along with the textbook, and my high school english teacher’s copy of joyce’s portrait of…, my old paper on eliot’s prufrock, selected poems from pope and dryden (yawn)…linda’s 60’s photograph book, the complete set of anthology (a valentine’s gift angrily given back)…

the last few days of being 35…i’ve caught up on the apartment to do list, painted the kitchen, bedroom, and unfinished bathroom window, i’ve purchased a new bed, i’ve moved boxes to the basement storage spot…personally, finally made it to the dentist for a cleaning, need to go to the peek n’poke doc, have quit smoking and gone back to the gym regularly instead…next week classes begin, surgery & radiology, and principles of medicine, i hope i survive…

maybe 36 will be better. i’m quietly chasing happiness’ tail…

  5 Responses to “chasing maybe…”

  1. i hope you catch happiness’ tail…

    i don’t think noone deserves to catch it more than you do

    i tried e mailing you again but the message got sent back to me, i guess you turned it off again. Never mind i’ll just settle on leaving comments in here:)



  2. 36 was the best time for me. Nothing but good things happened and things finally started getting easier.

    Life rocked!

  3. thank you ladies!!


  4. way to go, franny! there must be something in the air, because i’ve been cleaning my apartment all week, myself. feels much better.

    36 will have someplace rejuvenated to rest.

  5. You’ll survive, and thrive franny. And don’t you dare go buying any expensive text books you have no intention of keeping before checking and seeing if I have any you can borrow.

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