Aug 302001

and off she goes flying through the air, with “jump, bitch, jump” helping her every step of the way…disgust, disgust. turn the toxic ink filled page to read how her water broke and she had to push, push, push…blankets and comforters, pillows and ambitious hands who proclaim they watch the learning channel, “i can do this”…babies will come when they’re good and ready, even in apartment complex parking lots…

2 sides of the coin, 2 different circumstances, and those who rise to the occasion can choose to spew dark clouds or rainbow sunshine from their mouths…

caring is one heavy load.

what is it that you want?

is $20 million enough?

is the gorgeous hunk what you need?

is the blonde-blue-eyed bombshell IT for you?

is the white picket fenced in victorian satisfaction?

is the flight to paris, rome, madrid where you want to be?

-do you need for oncogenes to turn off and be alright?

-do you wish for cilia to return to the epithelial lining of your lungs?

-will a calcium channel blocker do?

-does the shape of your prosthesis flatter that shoe?

-will your silicone chest leak in years to come?

-do you know your cancer ABC?

-give me a fridge that doesn’t leak

-show me some catlove when i cry myself to sleep

-ring the phone with a mommi spanish hello

-give me the comfort of a new bed good night’s sleep

-move my eye from the flaws to cute freckles

-put some groove in these hips when aretha sings

-summon a smile when george finally sends me an email from japan

-shower my heart with grace for being able to be broken

-pat me on the back when it itches to try again, again, again…

  2 Responses to “push turns to shove…”

  1. **patting you on the back again, again, again**

  2. – how about a song in your heart and a beer in your hand?

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