Aug 262001

early, way early rise today…spidercat jumping on computer desk, and bureau to make my little virgin Mary statue into a soccer ball…i think i spent the entire night trying to ignore the dripping in the toilet, the catbox’s funky odorous fingers sliding under my nose…i miss the morning sunshine in the livingroom, but mr. sofabed is not needed anymore.

i christened my new bed by showering and wearing my nice ivory silk nightie. you know the feeling of putting on cozy just washed sweat socks or drying yourself with a fluffy, spring fresh towel? that’s what it felt like tucking myself into bed last night. let me get the bed-karma going on the right track. heaven. heaven. heaven.

finished American Gods by Neil Gaiman. wonderful. the ending was a little confusing…but all in all, i think i’ll go find other work by him. Am reading the summer vacation’s last indulgence…Brothel, Mustang Ranch and Its Alexa Albert (she’s a doctor in search of superb condom usage where they don’t break, but get one hell of a workout and to redeem the image of working women who strut their stuff in tigerprint teddies and pink frou-frou mules, and hide the look of contempt at “manly fingers” that keep the buzzer going ’til all hours of the night…)

cup of joe, 1 small banana, blueberry bagel, some steely dan tunes and the music rag “Spin” with Kurt Cobain on the cover…i look at his face and i wish i could have saved him, but i’ve learned the hard way, you can’t save someone from themselves…will read the article, plus one on Bjork and Tori Amos. yes, it’s a rag, but who cares, so is the village voice but sometimes i wish it was available just so that i could turn my nose up at it and buy something else.

finished priming and painting the bedroom and kitchen and also the trim. need to organize 6 boxes of books…i need shelves…well, i don’t “need” them, but it would be nice to actually be able to browse through my art history books, etc..without always having to get an upper body workout. my mantra before october comes:

get shelves, get shelves, cat dentistry, cat dentistry…

Darren: i toast your stamina!!! 3 years would put me in a wheelchair.

  10 Responses to “bed-head”

  1. it also probably depend on whether you

    were: ‘coming’, or ‘going’ ho ho ho.

  2. good question….technically, i think half-dressed (half full) is the positive perspective although personally i can’t see either one of them being negative if you catch my drift… hehehe.

  3. LOL, something like that.

    your a ‘half-dressed’ girl as opposed to

    a ‘half-naked’ one. interesting 😉

    which one is the postive perspective?

  4. oh no Darren,

    after reading that, i have a picture in my mind of Darren half dressed, in a half made up bed and completely zonked out!


  5. Good for you franny.

    sweet dreams.


  6. only toast the stamina it took in having to

    ‘set the thing up’ after er….heavy night.

    sometimes i never made it, even half way through.

  7. lol@darrenysos.

    yaaaaaay, franny!

  8. i relate to this like an accountant relates

    to a spreadsheet :).

    for me it was 3 back -strengthening- years though.

  9. Sleep tight!….franny

    ; )

  10. Believe me … the cats aren’t being polite. They’re just biding their time before they make their move ….

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