Aug 242001

reading sierra magazine and i feel small. bickering and snickering over silly ass things when people in Bolivia are being charged to use their own water…a picture that smacked me upside the head, the monthly wake-up call that says, “franny, you’re a lucky girl, you’ve got it good, you’ve got food in the fridge, you’ve got the luxury to sit in the dark and sulk…

a picture of a young Mexican boy with a scraggily herd of goat scavenging through the dump for food….

funny how we can reach deep in the ole pockets for that powerball ticket, raise the stakes to $300 million, but funds are lacking/depleted for: feeding the homeless and poor, no funds for education, (especially health education in poorer countries) China has been secretly suffering an AIDS epidemic…made the ny times…

i’m not unreasonable, i know there are many who give their time and money…i know, i know. what i try to do is live sparingly, without so much waste…limit what i buy, turn the damn lights off when i’m not using them, turn the water off when i’m brushing my teeth, do laundry twice a month and not use the dryer on my color clothes…

i need to do more.

i need to remember how good i have it really.

i’m a lucky and foolish girl.

okay…i’m an orthodox quaker! (HA!)

  4 Responses to “smack head franny”

  1. i don’t blame you, franny. you shouldn’t be punished for being detail-oriented.

    i have never had to take off work for my period. what’s that about?????

  2. you know Salamander, i once worked for a vet and his vet tech heard him tell me i’d make a great tech someday…that i’m detailed oriented…needless to say, she always scheduled me to work the sundays when the kennel was packed!

    i’d put in 8 hours…cleaning and spending more than 10 minutes walking/running the dogs or petting and babying the cats…but during the week she’d never give me enough hours to learn…she gave the hours to a buddy of hers who eventually left to work in a restaurant…by that time, i’d taken another job because i needed the hours…hopefully one day i’ll be a vet tech that is fair and honest to the kennel and vet assistants…but sometimes i get tired of having to clean up human crap, moreso , than animal crap.

  3. Damned by the conscientiousness and reliability genes you were born with. You really must learn to be more of a slacker.

  4. whoaaa…it’s ‘bloody’ crazy over there…this morning!

    ; O

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