Aug 232001

Dear Ms. W,

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know

that I have never in my wildest dreams dealt with

more incompetent idiots than I have when dealing with

Sears Customer Service agents. Firstly, does Sears

Corporation require brain usage from their employees?

Or is the ability to remove the telephone from its cradle

enough? For the last few days I have had the displeasure

of being told inaccurate and outrageously false information

regarding an order I purchased online. I understand

that it is important for an old dinosaur like Sears to

try to keep up with the new kids on the block. What

Sears fails to understand is that if it wants to be

progressive and offer online shopping to potential

customers, it needs to update its online pages with

CORRECT information. The delivery date for the

merchandise I purchased online read 8/31/2001, and

proceeded to change to 9/24/2001 and now is 8/25/2001.

I’ve spoken to three customer service representatives.

ALL of them gave me incorrect information. The last

one I spoke to today confirmed my belief that SEARS

hires profound idiots. She sent me on a wild goose

chase in order to change a delivery date. She said UPS

was delivering my merchandise and that I would have to

call them to reschedule delivery. Needless to say, it

is not UPS that will be delivering my merchandise.

How can ANY Sears Customer Service Rep. not know what

company is shipping merchandise and when it will

arrive at my door? One Customer Service person said

that they would “Leave a note on my door” if I wasn’t

available when I asked if I should expect a call

alerting me to a delivery time frame. I paid an $84

delivery charge to be subjected to a NOTE LEFT ON MY

DOOR and no call? No wonder Sears is listed in the

rogue gallery at Consumer Affair’s website. I think i

should be given a medal for enduring such an amazing

amount of bullshit from Sears and bouquet of Freesia

to hide the stench that permeates the air whenever I

see the name Sears.

absolutely unsatisfied customer,

(my fucking morning so far…)

  5 Responses to “dear sears…”

  1. yep slipperman, i sent it…

  2. brilliant! please tell me you sent them that letter.

  3. OK, franny, I give up. How the heck do I add myself to your notify list? Or do you not maintain a notify list?

  4. bring in da noise, bring in da funk…

    will take requests

    bring it on Salamander!

    and thank you!

  5. **wild standing ovation**

    If you would consider doing this as a living, I have several letters it would be my pleasure to commission you to ghostwrite for me.

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