Jul 312001

short break from silence to report that my space cadet pinball score is now:

6,931,500….well alright!!

don’t get too upset ms. A!


as PIL (that’s public image ltd) says, “anger is an energy”

  3 Responses to “HA!”

  1. ever since i was a young boy

    i played the silver ball

    from stockholm down to sydney

    i must have played them all

    but i ain’t seen nothing like her

    in any internet mall

    that sweet, lovely franny

    sure plays a mean pinball. (with apologies to pete townsend)

    my pc is feeling much better; will write to you soon. good to read you again. george.

  2. woooohoooo….franny!

  3. All right franny! Way to go.

    pinball rocks.

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