Jul 212001

we all know how to sing the blues, we’ve all been on that bus trip. so how come some women have no qualms about buying their fellow sistas another round trip fare? i often wonder how the world would be if cat fights were eliminated, how it’d be if we were all banded and focused on weeding out the bad seeds, started a man-database where glowing reports would give the go-ahead, and put a stop to the huge mistake that sit’s across from you over the dinner plate…

would it stop all the heartaches and late night tears that wet your pillow, cause you to write bad poems and lose 20 lbs or gain 50?

to my sweet sista standing in the wings…who stops the big manhook from ruining my performance, and hands me some kleenex, when the hook looks for someone prettier, taller, thinner, richer…

i’ve got my heavy blanket…and ms. sista living way down south…

  4 Responses to “tell me sista…”

  1. impossibly good prose, franny

  2. Here’s to SistaHood!

    cheers gurl.

    Pay it forward.

  3. Sounds like you did better than me. I went to ‘Loco Pero’s’ and awoke about 2 am….visited the Porcelain God…where he took from me my Mango Margaritas, carne asada, and black bean salad.

    Bet your glad I shared that with you

    : O

  4. No loco motion on that choo choo chewy?

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