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A 58 year old mother of 3, grandmother of 4 (so far) who likes to travel, sew, knit, garden and read.

Magical Fireflies and a Wall

Mon. June 29 – Park Visit and Fireflies

Win, Janet and I packed a lunch and drove to Bronte park to meet Min, Cin and Lin there for a visit.  We all went on a little hike and then sat in lawn chairs under the trees, social distancing, and ate our lunches and talked.  Then we went on another hike along the top of the river.  It wasn’t too bad under the trees in the woods but it was very hot in the sun.  It was a nice day, we were home by 4:30.  

About 9:30 pm. I drove to Win’s and she, the girls and I went for a walk down in the valley in the woods behind her house.  The valley was full of twinkling, sparkling fireflies.  It was magical!  The girls had fun catching them and letting them go.  The night before Win had seen a whole family of skunks so we had to be careful!

Hubby cleaned and then sold #2 Sons fridge that had been sitting out in the driveway.  He got his truck back to take parts off.  

Wed. Jul 1 – Canada Day

 Janet walked around the gardens and grounds of the nursing home while I had an in person visit with Mom.  I had got a face shield made of see through plastic at the dollar store so was able to use that and she could see my face.  It was much better.  After lunch, janet and I went to Bros for a swim and visit.  We had hamburgers for suppers. We watched fireworks on TV.

Thurs. July 2 -Hubby builds a Wall

 It was very hot and humid today.  Janet left to drive home about 8:45.  In the ongoing saga of Hubby a.k.a. Mr. McGregor and his war against Peter Rabbit,  Hubby decided he would borrow a strategy from Donald Trump and build a wall!! around the vegetable garden.  He has seen a rabbit in there every morning, sitting enjoying its breakfast of beet greens or spinach etc.  He put a whirligig spinner down by the beets thinking it would scare the rabbit but the next day Peter was sitting next to it as if to say, “How nice, they put a fan here to cool me off while I have my breakfast “.  LOL. It drives him crazy.  We used up a stack of old wood we had lying around. Hopefully this will keep them out!

Friends, Truck Woes

Friday, Hubby took a water sample down to the pool place and they said we had to replace the water in The hot tub..  Janet arrived just before noon.  We sat around and talked.  We had ribs, potato salad, lettuce salad and cake and strawberries for supper as it was Janet’s birthday.  

Sat. June 27 –  Truck is Toast

On Saturday we went for our pedicure at 9 and then went to Home Depot looking for a Squatty Potty but it wasn’t what we wanted.  We were looking for a portable chemical toilet to take camping but they are sold out everywhere!  Then we went to Costco and Freshco and home.  Hubby picked up the quarter mixed beef and we crammed it in the freezer.  It was quite hot and humid.  We picked a few mullberries before supper.  Hubby had his truck towed in to be fixed,but they called later to say it isn’t worth fixing.  It is a 2002 with only 237,000 km on it.  He is very upset.

Sun. June 28 – Friend reunion

Janet went to meet April for a visit at 10.  I watched the church service on my IPad and then went on the zoom coffee hour meeting.  I cut the grass around the veggie garden.  Friends from high school came for a visit in the afternoon.  We had a good laugh about old times.  It was good.  We BBQd steaks for supper.

Mom Visit, Work, Swing

On Wednesday I went to see Mom in person for the first time in 4 months. The visit went as well as can be expected.  They had a tent set up in the courtyard, with a metal fence separating the visitors from the resident.  We are allowed 1 person, half an hour per week.  Even with her hearing aids and an amplifier she couldn’t really hear me, and of course she couldn’t read my lips with my mask on.  Good thing I had purchased a little white board that I could write messages on.  She seemed to be able to read it.  She didn’t talk, she just nods so it’s hard to carry on a conversation.  

It was cooler so I sewed some more of the garden swing and also went back to the optometrist for an adjustment as my new glasses are hurting one ear,

No word from HR or manager at all.  I think he is mad at me.  I don’t care, he won’t let me work from home, won’t let me go in but not see members, wouldn’t give me just 2 days a week, so screw him, I won’t go back, they can’t make me.  HR told Carolyn there is no pressure to go back, so why am I different….because he needs me,  he has 2 brand new FSRs that know anything.  He needs me to train them.  

Thurs. June 25. – I sealed the sign for the hot tub and the bird houses I painted.  And then I finished sewing the garden bench seat. The old canopy was in shreds.  I bought the canvas material about 3 years ago but never got around to doing it until now. I had to sew most of it by hand. It looks so much better.

My manager texted me to say: i understand from HR that you will not be returning to the branch in July as we have discussed but rather you will be off until at least the end of August. We will adjust the schedule to that effect. Let me know if you want to discuss anything regarding your leave and or return to work. So yeah!  


Father’s Day, Glasses, Strawberries

Sunday, June 21 – Father’s Day was to be hot, 40 with the humidex and we have no air conditioning.   It wasn’t too bad on the back porch with the fans going, however, we did eat in the rec room in the basement, so cool down there. We celebrated #1 Son’s wife’s 31st birthday as well. The boys played in the little dog pool and the newly cleaned up sandbox. Artie is walking now, such a difference from when we saw him last week! Hubby bbq’d pork chops and we had potato salad, corn salad, Win brought a lettuce salad made from lettuce she grew in her garden, I made a trifle.  The Pencil dyed my hair before she went home.

Monday, June 22 – I went and picked up my new glasses.  They don’t look as red as they did when I ordered them which is good. I like them.  I cleaned out my kitchen utensil drawer, sorted 2 drawers in the buffet and put the overflow utensils in one of those drawers.  It is so much better now, things don’t get jammed in there and stuck!  Then Hubby and I put up new ceiling tiles in the rec room as it was so hot outside.  Another good job done!

Tuesday, June 23 – The girls all came over about 8:30 this morning and we all went strawberry picking before it got too hot.  We picked 18 quarts as that is all the baskets I could find.  It took us maybe 45 minutes.  

Hubby had an appointment with the denturist because he has been making an annoying sound with his teeth when he eats.  It is irritating to all of us but he can’t hear it.  He is getting them re-lined so soup for supper for him tonight. Lol

Covid test, canoe rack, Garden Bench

Wed. June 17 – I baked and then I painted the stand Hubby made for the canoes and kayak.  It looks good.  He went to a neighbours and tilled her garden etc.  

Thur. Jun 18- Covid Test

I weeded the flower gardens all morning, then went in the hot tub.  It was so nice I could have fallen asleep in there!  Then I went for the drive up Covid test around the back of the hospital.  It was unpleasant but quick.  I get the results in  7 days and I have a visit booked with Mom for July 1st as long as it comes back negative.  

Fri. Jun 19 – it was hot and humid today.  I laid patio stones where I want the bbq to do now, then I emptied the sand box to try and dry it out.  I also wire brushed the cast iron garden bench ready to paint. I got it years ago at an auction for $3 because it had a broken leg which Hubby fixed. I got groceries and we ordered curb side fish and chips for supper.  

Sat. June 20 – Covid result

I made a trifle and potato salad for Father’s Day bbq tomorrow.  I went grocery shopping again and then painted the cast iron bench. It looks good.  Oh Hubby helped #2 Son with the van he is fixing up.  I cleaned out the sandbox, moved it and put it back together.  And did a bit more weeding.  It was very hot and humid.  I just thought I would check the Covid test website and the result was there already!  And it was negative.  Yeah!


45th Anniversary, Convocation etc.

Tues, June 2 – I caught up on the church and cemetery books.  We had a zoom with Mom using headphones which worked better although she didn’t say much.  Hubby worked on hooking up the hot tub.

Wed. Jun 3 – Broken Stove.  

The stove burner light wouldn’t turn off last night so Hubby took the back off this morning and took off the switch.  He bought a new one and put it on.  He saves us so much money because he is so handy!  He just looks at something and figures it out.  I had planned to bake but instead I spent the morning cleaning the stove and all in behind and under it. Ick!  Rewarded myself with a coffee and baileys. Lol.

Thurs June 4 – I got up early and went for groceries.  Then I weeded the front gardens.  Hubby finished hooking up the electrical for the hot tub and then we put water in it from the cistern and turned it on. Yeah!  We had to wait for it to warm up as it started out at 55 degrees.  About 11 pm it was 104 so we went in before bed.  It was lovely!

Fri Jun 5 –  I went to the pool place to get a spa kit and then I weeded out the front, cut the grass in the ditch and then cut the rest of the grass.  Hubby and #2 Son picked up a used washing machine last night for #2s apartment.

Sat. Jun 6. –  I made muffins and an applesauce loaf.  Hubby went to #2 sons and tilled up the whole backyard so he can plant grass.  Later on I was in the hot tub and it suddenly shut off.  Hubby thinks there is air in the lines but was too tired to try an fix it.

Sun. June 7 – our 45th anniversary.

Hubby spent the day helping #1 Son and wife move all the stuff out of their flea market booth.  They had to take down all the shelves and display case.  They brought a lot of it to our house to put in the garage until they can sell it.  It was a beautiful day not too hot, just right for sitting outside.

Monday Jun 8 – we pruned the mulberry tree and took branches to the dump.  Hubby fixed the hot tub.  I did church books.

Tuesday, June 9 – I had an optometrist appt to get new glasses. The optometrist I have gone to for 50 years finally retired and so did Dennis his assistant.  So sad.  My new glasses cost $1018.00 because they are so specialized, have prisms, bifocals, anti glare, and customized lenses, not to mention the Cadillac of frames.  It is really hard to pick out frames with a face mask on and you can’t see! The ones I picked out are red. I hope I like them. They will be ready in 2 weeks.  She did say that my eyes are very healthy, no sign of glaucoma, macro or cataracts.

Wed. Jun 10 -Back to work?

My manager texted me so I called him. They are thinking other branches will open and they will need us to come back to work July 2. I told him I had that booked as vacation and I wouldn’t come back until July 8 at the earliest.  But I am not thrilled about seeing members in person.  He said I would have to but they do have plexi barriers but only 4 and they share them 🙄 ridiculous!  I told him I was willing to take early retirement but didn’t want to lose my bonus.  He said they are talking about a retirement package but it’s still not finalized yet and probably won’t be for a couple more months. Ugh!

Thur. June 11 – Hubby fixed the back gate and fixed the deck behind the hot tub.  I weeded.  One of my members dropped off his income tax for me to do.  We ordered 1 steak and cheese from Bugsys for supper.

Fri June 12– I cleaned up the woods while Hubby worked on his truck.

Sun. Jun 14 7th Birthday

In the morning I sewed a new cover on the garden swing set.  The family came here for #1 oldest sons 7th birthday.  We had a bbq.  It was a nice day, sunny but not too hot.  

Tuesday, Jun 16convocation

Hubby and I worked all morning fixing the fence at the back and cutting dead branches down.  A member I did his income tax for came and picked it up and brought me a nice bottle of wine.  We had a parish council zoom meeting at 1 and then the Pencils virtual convocation, as she graduated from police foundations college, was after that and then I had a zoom with mom but she was asleep and wouldn’t wake up.  We are allowed to visit the nursing homes now but only one at a time and we have to have had a Covid test within 14 days so I have a Covid test booked for thurs at 2:30.  I’m not looking forward to that!

Planting and Orioles

Hubby planted some of the veggie garden while I cleaned up the deck.  I also made some lemon rhubarb cookies and sour cream rhubarb muffins.  I rode the bike to get the mail, trying to get more steps I. For the FItBit. My rear was very sore afterwards! LoL

Thursday we spent the morning planting the vegetable garden.  I put out my funky “scarecrow” made from an old Fruit of the Loom rack with dollar store twirly gigs attached.  Today it rained off and on all day.  Hubby worked in his workshop.  I sorted boxes of stuff and tried to de-hoard.  

The weather was nice all weekend, sunny but not hot, good for working outside.   I did lots of weeding in the flower gardens.  The orioles love the feeder Hubby made.  I have to put new oranges out everyday.  

My Funky Fruit of the Loom Scarecrow

New Hot Tub

On Sunday we bought a used hot tub from a very nice couple off marketplace.  They live in a real neat old historic house with a round turret near the Niagara River.  The tub is just a 2-3 person size but that is all we need.  We saw it running and the man let us borrow his trailer to take it home in.  The boys went and helped move it.  Afterwards Hubby took the trailer back and stopped at #1 Sons to help him move a big rock.

Monday, May 25 Hubby and I fixed the floor of the garden shed.  It was very hot and humid again and it took us most of the day. It was a job we had been meaning to do for a long time. Today, we dug up all the patio stones where the hot tub is to go. We relaid them so they are level. It was hard work and difficult to get them perfectly even and straight but it looks good and the boys came tonight to borrow the canoe so they helped move the hot tub into place, onto the stones.  Now Hubby just has to figure out how to hook it up to the hydro.

Spring Cleaning & Lay Off

I have been Spring cleaning like there is no tomorrow!  On Wednesday I cleaned out part of the sun porch.  Thursday, Hubby and I got the indoor outdoor carpet and patio furniture out of the garage loft and cleaned it and set it up.  Hubby fixed the front screen door and put up garden dividers. I hung up the oriole and hummingbird feeders on them and it wasn’t long before they found them. Thursday and Friday, I cleaned windows, weeded and cleaned more of the sun porch.

Moms Covid test came back negative but they have a few cases in her nursing home, not on her floor though.  She has been wheezing so they are giving her an inhaler but she can’t do it properly so they are getting a mask for her to get the medicine properly.  We zoomed with her onTuesday but she didn’t talk at all.  I found out that my employer laid off 100 people.  I spoke to a friend still working who says they might offer a retirement package.  If so I would take it.  Will have to wait and see.  

Car Accident

We were sitting have our morning tea when we got a call from the Pencil that the Goober had been in a car accident.  His driver side airbag had deployed while he was driving!  He couldn’t see and hit a tree.  He was okay, just in shock.  Apparently there is a recall on the car because of the airbags.  He is very lucky, he could have been killed.  He grazed a tree which slowed him down before he hit the other tree. It was on a rural road, no one around. #2 Son and the Pencil were close by so drove to the scene.   He was so upset. An ambulance came and checked him out but he didn’t want to go to the hospital because of Covid.  His mother is a nurse so she will watch him.  The cop reluctantly gave him a ticket because he had to for $400.  He told him to fight it. The Goober was on his way to #2 Son’s to see a guy who wanted to buy his boat.  #2 Son sold it for him for $400.  Easy come, easy go I guess.  All things considered, it could have been much worse,

Yesterday I cleaned upstairs and Hubby worked taking a couple of loads to the dump for someone who paid him.  We picked up curb side Chinese food for supper from a place near where I work.  It was very good and a good price too.