New Year and Attic Closet Reno

Friday, January 1/2021 – Everyone is hoping this new year will be better than last year but the pandemic numbers are very bad.  There are over 3000 new cases in Ontario  every day.  We are in lockdown again for at least a month.  

Wednesday, January 6, 2021The weather has been dark, grey, and dreary all week.  Hubby and I have been working on mudding the attic closet and closing up holes to make it mouse proof.  I have been doing year end books for the cemetery and the church.  The days slip by.

Tuesday,January 12/ 2021- Hubby and I fixed all the holes in the attic closet floor.  It was like doing a jigsaw puzzle fitting pieces of wood in between the ones already there and moving some over.  Then there were still some small holes between the boards in spots so we put shavings and glue in to block them up.  Then we laid some linoleum we had leftover from doing our rental kitchen and saved for about 7 years but it worked perfectly.  Lastly we put baseboard around so it should now be MOUSE proof!! Today I finally took down the Christmas tree and put the totes in my new attic closet. Woot!

Before – dark and dingy
Insulated, dry walled, floor fixed, new light, mouse proof!
Colour coded totes- red for ?Christmas, orange for Fall and Halloween etc

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