New beds

Boxing Day we sat by the fire all day and went on zooms, first with Mom and the family, then with my cousin in England and then later in the day with Hubby’s sister.  

Yesterday, the girls beds had broken as they were cheap and Win found some used ones on Marketplace that had drawers underneath and little book cases at the headboards.  She asked us to pick them up in the truck about 45 minutes away.   The beds were bigger and heavier than expected so we had a job to fit them in.  The family selling them was very nice, trying to stay distant but help too.  When we got them home, we couldn’t get them up the stairs!  We tried every which way but decided they would have to be taken apart.  I was on a zoom on my phone with my 3 faraway friends standing in Wins doorway but Hubby needed to go home for some tools so I left the zoom and we went home.  He went back and they dismantled the beds, carried the pieces up the 2 flights of stairs. He went back today to assemble them.  I did church books and made chicken soup.

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