Greenhouse Renovated

Sunday it turned really windy.  We had 140 km an hour winds!  There were lots of people with no hydro including #1 Son.  #2 Son’s back fence blew down.  Our truck box that was on sawhorses near the road for sale blew off!  Hubby worked on the greenhouse some more.  I cooked the rest of the squash.

On Tuesday Hubby and I did the trim around the windows on the greenhouse and Wednesday we put up the siding.  It was very cold.  We had to keep going in to get warmed up.  The girls made cupcakes for the twins birthday, Puddin went to Girl Guides outside and I had parish council on zoom.

On Thursday we finished the new benches inside the greenhouse and today, we hung the shelves, I painted them and then out put everything back in!  Yeah!  All ready for Spring planting now!

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