Visit Approval and a Blow-up

Thurs. Nov 12 – Hubby was tired today so took a day off and did some shopping, fixed the bbq and blew leaves off the shed roof.  I washed all the shed windows and painted the outside of them, then I gave the beams inside a coat of primer.

Fri. Nov 13 – Win’s boyfriend and his 3 kids got approval from the Canadian Government to come over the border from the USA for visiting.  They had applied over a month ago as soon as the rules changed.  They have to quarantine for 14 days so Win and the girls will be staying at our house for that time while he and his kids stay at her house.   So I had to hurry up and get the the extra bedroom cleaned out ready for them.  I also varathaned the craft room window so I could put my sewing machine back and then decided I should do all the window sills!  Hubby is still working on the greenhouse roof.

Sat. Nov 14 – My old wicker hamper that I kept hats and mitts etc in is so broken, I got a new little cupboard from marketplace for $25 to replace it in the hallway.  Since I had more space, I spend the day rearranging the linen cupboard as well.  

I was having a good day until #1 Son found out that we couldn’t all get together for Christmas and got very upset.  I called and talked to him but the whole family were putting stuff in the family chat and it got nasty.  Then I was depressed and upset.  They just want to be together for Christmas but the Covid ruled say you can only have 10 people in a house and there are 18 of us.  The Pencil suggested we split into 2 groups which I thought was a good idea but things got a bit nasty.  I was very upset all night, I hate it when they fight.  I suppose they will calm down and it will blow over.  

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