Craft Room and Greenhouse Fix-up

Mon. Nov 2 – Hubby and I cleaned out the closet in the craft room and had a look at the electrical.  I went to the JoHo as the receptionist from work is leaving.  They all went for dinner but Carolyn and I just went for a drink a little later.  

Wed. And Thurs – Hubby worked putting another outlet in the craft room.  He had to crawl up into the attic while I held the ladder so it wouldn’t slip on the flooring.  I went to the knitting group for an hour and stopped by Monteforte’s and bought some apples.  We also went to Costco as they are moving to NF next week and it won’t be the same.  

Fri. Nov 6 – Another nice day.  Hubby put trim in the craft room closet etc.  Then we both cleaned up the neighbour’s branches from cutting down his apple tree and Hubby took them to the dump.  I raked up leaves off our driveway and delivered groceries to migrant workers.

Tues. Nov 10 – We have had 4 gorgeous unseasonably warm sunny days so on Saturday we decided to empty out the greenhouse, we took out the big old green cupboard (that was full of mouse nests) and all the millions of old pots etc and took a load to the dump.  The wood and windows on the south side were rotten so we took out that whole wall.  We laid patio stones down on the floor and bought some new lumber.  Today our plan is to use 3 of #2 Sons windows from his old house that had been sitting  in our garage to replace the old windows and rebuild the wall.  It won’t  look as cute but will be more functional. Here are a couple of “Before” photos.

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