Purging and Cleaning Up

The last two weeks we have cleaned out the garage loft and put all the patio furniture up there for the winter. Hubby worked in the workshop and I went through the last of the boxes in the attic and then I started cleaning my craft room. Hubby and I cleaned out the garage and erected a support pole in the middle because the floor up in the loft was a bit wonky.  We were supposed to have a zoom with Mom but they couldn’t wake her up. I took a load to the credit union to put in the shredding bin.  

On Friday it was a beautiful warm sunny day.  Bro and I had an appointment to see mom outside.  Usually she just nods and smiles but she was very talkative and could hear us pretty good too.  She kept saying she thought she was dying Yesterday but felt better today.  I realized afterwards that it was Dads birthday.  When I got home #1 Son and family were there ready to go out in the boat with Hubby.  So I babysat Artie all afternoon.  He was good and had a nap outside on the couch while I read my book in the sun.

On Saturday I had to pick the girls up from swim lessons as Win had to go to the cemetery.  We made a mulberry cake.  I finished sorting some more files and cleaned some of the bookcase.  Hubby and I got the old truck beds down from up in the workshop and made a load for the dump.  #2 Son and the Goober came over after ball hockey and cleaned out some of their stuff from a corner of the garage. 

On Tuesday I went for a hair cut.  Hubby took a load to the scrap yard and then a load to Value Village.  I cleaned in the craft room some more, I can see the table top now! Lol.  I am getting so forgetful, I totally missed the zoom call with mom!  But what’s really weird is that Bro forgot about it too!  Both on the same day.  Hubby went to the doctor because he has this awful looking open wound like a broken blister on his back. He doesn’t know how he got it..

Hubby winterized the boat and we moved it off the driveway over to the other side for the winter.  Then Hubby took another load to the scrap yard.  I raked up apples and leaves and cut the grass.

We finally had a frost last night so I dug up the carrots and parsnips from the garden.   Hubby covered the boat and we put the indoor outdoor carpet away in the loft.

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