Birthday Week

Tues. Oct. 13 –  We had a rest day.  Win came over to look at a bird bath the neighbour was giving away.  I did dishes and laundry.  Hubby cut down the neighbour’s old apple tree for him.

Wed. Oct 14– I went on a zoom for the audit committee.  Then Hubby and I cleaned out behind the garage and put canvas down.

Thurs. Oct 15 – I went to the knitting group.  I discovered I hadn’t sent in the church income tax so I scrambled to get that done all afternoon and mailed it in.

Fri.  Oct 16–  I painted some scaffolding that Hubby put up to tidy things up behind the garage. He took 2 loads to the scrap yard.

Sat. Oct 17 – My 67th Birthday Hubby worked in the workshop. Win and I went for a hike at the lagoon with the dogs.  We only saw a couple of swans and a few ducks.  #1 Son and T ordered supper for us from the Greek place and had it delivered so that was really nice

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