Truck sold, Thanksgiving

Thur. Oct 1 –  I went to the knitting club in the morning.  It was nice so we sat outside in our own lawn chairs. A kid in clydes class has Covid. They had to stay home today.  Clyde has to quarantine for 10 days.  Tania has to have a test because she has symptoms but she thinks it’s just a cold.  It came back negative.  

Fri. Oct 2 – Hubby has been helping the neighbour clean out his barn.  He took a load to the dump, to the scrap yard, to toxic waste etc.  He also helped another neighbour clean out a shed.  THey both paid him.  

Sat. Oct 3-  #2 Son and Goober came to winterize the bees but then a guy came and bought Hubby’s old truck but he didn’t need the box so they all worked for quite awhile taking the box off and the gas tank.  The guy gave Hubby $750 for the rest.   By the time they were done it had started to rain so #2 Son came back on Sunday and they winterized the bees.  

Wed. Oct 6 – Gorgeous day here just really windy.  I Pickled the last of the beets this morning. Bro and I had a visit with mom outside at 2:30.  Mom was the same.  Outside visits end Oct 19 unless they postpone it.  So that was our last outside visit.  We would have to have a Covid test to do an inside visit now.  But they may change that if it keeps getting worse and it’s hard to get a test done now too.  The wind was pretty cold sitting out there today. We stayed 20 minutes though.

Friday, Oct 9 -I had lunch with Gwen and E. today.  We sat on Gwen’s back patio.  She made us really good homemade lentil soup, cheese, crackers, grapes and wine. Es daughter got married last Sat.  They had it outside because of Covid but it rained and they only had a small lean to, no tent.  The guests all had umbrellas.  They put down straw because of the mud.  She is here another week yet.  She is planning on moving back next Spring.

Sat. Oct 10– it was too windy for them to go out in the boat today, even though it was nice and warm.  I did church books and cleaned off the dining room table ready for Monday, Thanksgiving dinner.  I baked some squash and a loaf.

Mon. Oct 12 – Thanksgiving 

I got the turkey in by 7:30 and the potatoes and corn in the crock pots.  The Covid numbers have been increasing a lot and we are nit allowed to have more than 10 people inside so I set up 3 patio tables outside on the deck with cloths and chairs so each family could eat at their own table.  The weather had been forecast as 52% rain but it turned out nice and sunny and warm!   The kids and grandkids played an intense game of social distancing hide and go seek, then we had dessert and then they played card games.  They had fun.  Win zoomed with her boyfriend who lives in the US.  They have filled out paperwork to apply for him to come across the border to visit.

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