September Days Flew By

Wow, where has the month of September gone?!  I have been busy pickling beets and hot peppers,  making tomato sauce, working in the garden, digging out the compost pile, fixing fences, moving perennials, planting bulbs, and baking.   Hubby turned 69 on the 11th.   As usual we ordered Chinese food for supper. I had made a raspberry cheesecake and a pudding dessert and invited the family over for a piece after supper to celebrate.   We sat outside but it was cold once the sun went down. They had fun and lots of laughs looking at some old memories from the attic clean out.  The grandkids have gone back to school.

 Hubby has gone out in his boat with his friends a few times but caught no fish.  His friend caught a 4 lb walleye.   He helped a neighbour build a shed and clean out his barn attic, taking a couple of loads to the dump and scrapyard.  He also helped another neighbor clean out her garden shed.  He keeps bringing things home and I am trying to get rid of things!! We are both such pack rats!

As I said, I have been cleaning out the attic.  It is a big job!  I sorted through a whole file box full of old letters from the 70s and 80s.  I read a lot of them, took the stamps off the envelopes and then burned them out in the burn bucket. There were letters from my friends, from my aunts and cousins in England and from Mom and Dad because they used to go down to Texas for the winter. My mother wouldn’t let me call my friends on the phone if they were long distance because it was too expensive so we had to write letters. It is amazing to think how often we used to write letters back then before the dawn of email and the internet!   Kids today have no idea.   

One Sunday, Win and the girls and I went for a lovely hike in the valley and then stopped at a farm stall where there were loads of pumpkins for sale.  Another day we went for a walk in the park by the lake but there were a lot of people there. We waded in the water. There were actually people swimming it was so warm. I had made a pumpkin coffee cake with maple walnut ice cream for dessert. 

Sat. Oct 3 – Hubby took a load to the scrap yard.  A guy came and bought our old 2002 truck!  He had his own tow truck.  He didn’t need the box so #2 Son and the Goober helped him and Hubby get the box off and then he towed it away.  #2 Son was supposed to winterize the bees but it started to rain.  I spend a lazy day sorting through more boxes and material.

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  1. Sounds like typical things we do in the fall. Getting ready for winter. It’s like we really DO have instincts like the animals do. They are just more subtle. Your desserts look delicious!!!

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