35th Work Anniversary

It was my 35th anniversary working at MCU today.  It is really 45 years but they don’t count the first 10 because I quit for 2 years when all 3 kids were small.   My manager called and put me on FaceTime speaker phone in the branch huddle.  The staff each had a letter of my name and said a blurb about me.  Adri had B and said it was because after knowing me for 3 years she found out I’m am Big Badass!  Lol. The others mentioned my puzzles, my everyday cheese sandwiches, my exploring the world and the disasters that follow me.  I wish I could have recorded it!   I also went out for dinner to an outdoor patio with 4 friends from work.  We had a good time, good food, good company. I brought Hubby home half of my peach cobbler salted caramel cheesecake for his anniversary, one year sober.

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