Rainy Camping

I went to bed last night at 9:30 as I wanted to get up at 5 because we hoped to leave at 6 am Saturday morning but I woke up at midnight and then couldn’t sleep!  I finally fell asleep about 4 and woke up with a jolt at 6:15!  Even Hubby slept in!  He is always up at 5 but the day I need to get up early, he sleeps in! Ugh.  It didn’t really matter because Laura was late and we didn’t get away until 7:30.  

We got to near Hammertown and Laura wanted to pull over and tighten the canoe straps but she took the turn onto another parkway, Win and I kept going the right way.  We had to stop at Min’s to pick up their tote of pots and pans that they forgot so we told Laura we would fit it in and we’d see her at the Park.  Then Win’s GPS took us a roundabout way!  I hate not having a a paper map!  I like to know where I am not just trust the GPS.   We finally made it to the campsite about 1 pm.  We set up the tents etc., had some lunch and went for a swim at the beach.  The lake water was quite warm.  We cooked hamburgers for supper and Janet had brought a Baileys Chocolate Cheesecake, Yum! 

Min has had OCD for years, she has been seeing a counsellor and is getting better but she is paranoid of Covid! She almost didn’t come this year because she is so afraid but we talked her into it. So to make her feel better we set up a separate little tent just for our porta-pottie.  It has a little “sink” dishpan with a water jug and soap and a towel rack. So we didn’t have to use the public washrooms, we just emptied the pottie into the latrines. It worked quite well.

Sun. Aug 16– we were up early because we heard thunder and it was supposed to rain but it blew over.  We went for a short hike on the Spruce Bog Trail.  We saw lots of different kinds of mushrooms including some NA Destroying Angel mushrooms which are extremely poisonous.  It started to rain just as we were finishing the trail.  We had lunch and it started to pour rain so we sat in the kitchen tent reading most of the afternoon.  After supper I went to get the porta pottie and it was too full and it tipped over and spilled out!  Omg what a mess!  I got a margarine container and scooped up as much as I could back into it.  Jan and Min took it to empty and Cin and I swished water over the tent floor to clean it.  Geez!  Min was not impressed but it was an accident!  Lol

Mon.Aug 17/2020- it was nice this morning so the four of us went canoeing.  We saw a couple of loons, a kingfisher, geese and black ducks. We had lunch and then read our books and snoozed in the sun.  Win and the girls swam at the beach.  About supper time it started to pour rain, lightening and thunder.  We went to bed early listening to the rain.

Tues. Aug 18/2020 – It was much cooler and cloudy this morning.  After breakfast we went on the logging trail and then went to the Portage store.  We had an ice-cream and then went back to the campsite.  We read and the girls came over and I was teaching them how to knit and do needlepoint.    It rained off and on all day.  

Wed. Aug 19 – We got up early to go birding at Mew Lake.  It wasn’t misty like last year and we didn’t have much luck.  We did see a Merlin being chased by about 10 blue Jays.  We went back to spruce bog but saw nothing there either not even a spruce grouse.  We had pancakes for brunch and then sat in the sun when it was out to try and warm up.  We had a campfire singsong after supper with the girls. They look forward to this so much!

Thurs. Aug 20 – We got up late because it was cold and rainy out.  We decided to go on the Peck Lake hiking trail about 1 pm.  It was a nice trail and we saw a moose hoof print and a juvenile loon.  We also saw many different kinds of mushrooms, one black shiny one called a Sac Fungi, some yellow stringy ones called Golden Spindles, orange ones on tree called Orange Jelly Spots, little green mosses are Aloe Mosses, little tiny orange fungi are basidiimycete fungi, beige outer and brown inner with spots is Amanita Brunnescens,  white coral fungi is Coral fungi, Slippery Jacks are beige,  ones like eggs are called Yellow Patches, leafy grey lichen on branch is called Hooded Tube Lichen, yellow with spots is Amanita too, Brittlegills is red,  Pinewood Gingertail is orange brown multiple on wood, painted Suillus is browny pink with flat spots, lobster mushroom and some Agaricomycetes.  

We went back and had supper and it started to rain again!

Fri. Aug 21 – It poured rain all night so everything was soaking wet but at least it stopped by morning.  We were up at 7 and took the tents down. Win had taken their dining tent down the night before so that was good. We got away at 10:30 and drove non stop arriving home at 3:15.  Hubby told us the day we left he was at #1 Sons building a deck and someone backed into his new truck doing $3000 damage!  Geez!  He’s only had it 3 weeks.  

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  1. My goodness! What a beautiful place to go camping! And I would love to see all those mushrooms you talk about. It’s so dry here right now, you would have a hard time finding anything but lichen on rocks! 🙂

    I have a family member who is a little on the OCD side and this whole situation as brought it to the forefront and made it much worse. People with that condition are suffering more. It’s so sad.

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