Paint Kits and Patio

Wed. Aug 12 – Hubby and #1 Son picked up a load of free wood.  I got my hair cut and did all the dishes from yesterday and then helped him stack the wood.  Bro and wife came after supper and brought me some irises they didn’t want.

Thur. Aug 13 – I ordered paint by number kits back on April 7 for the grandkids .  They finally came today – 4 months later!  Two days ago I phoned Visa and told them I wanted my money back because I was getting nowhere with the vendor, and what do you know 2 days later they arrive!  Win came over and we got all the camping stuff out  of the barn loft and packed her van.  

Fri. Aug 14/2020 –  I roasted 2 sheets of cherry tomatoes and made another batch of mustard pickles.  Hubby went to #1 Sons to plan out how to build a deck they want, then he came home and gathered all the tools etc. To take with him tomorrow.  #2 Son poured the cement for his patio today.  I went over to deliver the paint kits and pick up some books for Puddin.  It looks really good.  One of the guys brought a compass medallion to make an impression in the middle.  We loaded the big canoe on Wins van and tried the white one on Laura’s.  

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