2 Parties

Fri. Aug. 7 – I had a lazy sort of day, read my book, picked tomatoes, made potato salad for supper.  Did some more sewing.  Win came for supper.

Sat. Aug 8 – I baked a chocolate zucchini cake for # 6 grandson’s birthday which we are celebrating here on Tuesday.  I put it in the freezer.  Hubby worked on lawn mowers.  We went to #2 Sons party at his house.  It was mostly people we didn’t know.  Win didn’t go.  #1 Son and family went.  We thought we were getting pizza for supper but they didn’t get it until about 10:30. We were starving and the smoking was bothering Hubby even though we were all outside and social distancing so we left about 8:30, went home and ordered our own pizza.

Sun. Aug. 9 – We got another load of free firewood and stacked it all.  Hot and humid again.  I went on the church zoom and then the camping girls zoom.  Win decided she won’t take the trailer this year, just tents.  I read my book most of the day.  Picked tomatoes.

Mon. Aug 10 –  I roasted some of the cherry tomatoes and made a zucchini quiche for supper.  I started packing for our camping trip.

Tues. Aug 11. – Everyone came over for a BBQ to celebrate #6 Grandson’s 5th birthday.  We played Chinese checkers and Snakes and Ladders with the kids.  I made a chocolate zucchini cake and we had peaches and ice-cream with it.

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