Welding, Pickles and Muskrats

On Monday baked 2 applesauce loaves and some blueberry muffins.  I also sewed some more face masks for Hubby as he was using ones for sanding and they are hot and itchy! Hubby was welding a huge A-frame with a pulley and wanted me to stand by with a hose in case something caught fire.  He gave me his extra welding helmet to wear.  Later #2 Son came home from up North and stopped by just at the right time to help him stand it up using a rope around a tree trunk to winch it up.  He painted it on Tiesday and it looks pretty good.

On Tuesday it was raining today so I worked on church and cemetery books.  I started preserving some mustard pickles with cucumbers from the garden and finished them on Wednesday. For supper I made some zucchini French Fries in the air fryer for supper.   I was in the hot tub after supper when Hubby said, there are 3 muskrats on the front lawn!  I grabbed my camera and snuck out there and finally got some photos of them!  So cute!

Today we thought we would have a nice quiet relaxing day but we jinxed it.  First #1 Son called to say they were on their way to the big city when their car started smoking.  They weren’t too far from our house so Hubby went down and had a look.  They brought it back and decided it was the brake callipers and rotors.  They ended up changing them.  It’s a good thing it wasn’t too hot today to work out on the driveway.  Then the guy we sold the old boat to showed up and wanted some money back.  Ugh!   Win and the Pencil have been fighting about the surprise birthday party for #2 Son and now aren’t speaking to each other.  Ugh!  I started a Wattle and Loop Owl but didn’t get much done.  

Mustard Pickkes
The A frame outside the workshop

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  1. I have never eaten mustard pickles… but they sound and look good!

    Just hearing about rain makes me long for it even more. It is so dry here, which is very normal in summer. This time of year, if feels like it will never rain again. It was 99 degrees here today! Ack!

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