Yard Sale, No Singing

On Saturday #1 Son had a yard sale at our house again.  The merchandise is getting down in volume so not so many customers showed up but he did all right.  We put some zucchini and aloe Vera plants out to sell as well.  His wife brought the boys and I watched them while she went to Costco.  It was hot and sunny but not stifling like the last 2 weeks.  We sat outside and they played in the sandbox, then they made a cruise ship out of a big cardboard box we had.   #2 Son and Win and kids have gone up to their friends cottage for the long weekend.  Hubby fixed the latch on the front gate. 

I felt very tired today.  I watched the church service from the cathedral on the Internet and then went on the zoom call with people from church.  They were discussing a plan for when we are allowed to have services at church again, there will be no books allowed and no singing allowed.  It is the singing I miss the most.  Then I went on a zoom call with the camping girls.  We discussed the menu and Min asked us to understand about her OCD and how she is worried about Covid.  She is seeing a counsellor about it via zoom.  She is a lot better than she used to be. We decided there should maybe be no singing around the campfire this year because of Covid. Puddin’ and Sugarplum will be devastated!
It was rainy today so I sewed a caddy out of denim for my lawn chair to hold my phone, book and ipad when we go camping.  Then I made some more face masks.  We had the Pencil’s zucchini lasagna for supper, it was so good.  

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