Birthday, Canopy, Fans

We celebrated #2 Son’s 40th Birthday with a family BBq on Sunday. Sister in Law and N came too.  It was very hot and humid but we sat outside with fans going and then we ate in the rec room.  

Hubby went to pick up a load of free firewood Monday morning and we stacked it all.  It was so hot and humid, I was exhausted when done.  I did church books in the afternoon.

On Tuesday Hubby fixed a neighbours lawnmower.  I made zucchini cheesy bread, laundry, then went to Wins to sew her new canopy.  I spent most of Wednesday finishing off the canopy in between helping Hubby who was installing 2 outdoor ceiling fans with lights on the back porch that he got used off Marketplace for a quarter of the price of new ones.  They look good.  I went to Wins about 6 pm and we put up the canopy.  It looks good but it could have been a big bigger.  It will have to do.  Thursday I went to the dentist, did some shopping and went to the bank.  Friday I made a macrame plant hanger and then I filled in the hole where Hubby had dug up the well and cleaned up that area.  Win and girls and #2 Son are going up to Ms cottage for the long weekend.  

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