Poked Eye, No Water, Skunks

(Keep in mind when you read this that we have everyone coming over for a family BBQ to celebrate #2 Son’s 40th birthday today lol!)

Wednesday night we realized we had no running water in the taps.  After a day of inspecting the many gauges, pressure tank, electrical boxes etc and trying different things, Hubby said, bad news, it has to be the well pump.  We had put a new pump in back in the 1980s.  It is a big job to pull the pump up out of the 100 foot deep well because it is heavy with water and covered in rusty slime but he managed to do it with #1 Son’s help.  After four days of hauling buckets of water from the outside rain barrel into the house to flush the toilets etc, we finally have running water again!  

Then yesterday I was weeding the garden and a spruce branch poked me in the eye.  I didn’t think much of it until I went in and looked In the mirror.  I was shocked!  My eye was full of blood!  It looked awful!  I got Hubby to look. He couldn’t see anything in it. He gave me a cold teabag from the compost to put on it . 🙄 LOL.  I took a photo and messaged my friend who is a nurse and she said to get to urgent care right away!  So Hubby who was in the middle of fixing the water pumps, dropped everything and drove me to the Emergency at the hospital and left me.  After 3 hours I finally saw a nice young doctor who checked it out.  He pulled a prickle out of my eye and said it looked okay but if it started to hurt or I lost vision to come back. 

Friday morning Hubby caught a bunny in the live trap and took it elsewhere and let it go.  This morning he went out and checked and he had caught a skunk!  Yikes!  He managed to get it into the back of the truck and let it go elsewhere without getting sprayed!  As my friend says, we need no more drama!

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