Scarecrows, Boat, No Water

Monday, July 20 – Train

The girls played with the Barbies and house a bit.  We made a chocolate zucchini cake.  In the afternoon, they got out the dolls and made a train with the chairs.  They made tickets and magazines for the dolls. They had fun,  and made Win ride the train when she came home from work.

Tuesday, July 21 – Scarecrows 

Today the girls went in the hot tub as it is cooler.  We baked chocolate zucchini cookies.  Hubby took Wins car in to have another key made.  In the afternoon the girls made little scarecrows and we went on the zoom with Mom.  We put the old boat up sale last night.

Wed. July 22 – Boat Sold

it rained in the morning and I didn’t have to babysit so I went with Bro to see Mom for an outside visit.  So many people inquired about the old boat, many said they wanted to come and look at it but only one showed up.  Win went to work in the afternoon.  A guy ended up buying the boat about 8 pm. Hubby has to drive it to his house tomorrow. 

Thur, Jul 23 – No Water

Suddenly last night, we had no water in our taps but Hubby was too tired to look at it.  He thinks the pump in the well is a caput but he is checking a couple of other things out first. He had to drive the boat to about an hour away and he got lost so it took longer than expected.  Then the guy called to say he forgot to give him the ownership for the trailer. Ugh!  

The girls and I played scrabble, and Chinese checkers and cards.  We also made some blueberry muffins.  We still have no running water so I used bought drinking water to do the dishes.

Fri. July 24 – New Well Pump

We had to buy a new pressure tank for the water which we knew we needed and a new electrical box thing but that didn’t do it, so Hubby had to buy a new well pump $1400.00.  He got #1 Son to help him pull it out of the 100 ft deep hole.  It is heavy, full of water and covered in rust.  The last time we did this was in the 1980s.  He hooked up the new pump but now it needs some other wire or something so he’s gone to try and get that. Hopefully we will have running water tomorrow!

I babysat the girls in the morning. We played games again.  Then I got groceries and cut the lawn.  

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