Bee Sting, Yard Sale

Fri. July 17 – Bee Sting

Hubby woke up Friday morning with a swollen hand, going up his wrist.  We put apple cider vinegar on it but it was getting worse and since it’s Friday and we didn’t want to have to go the hospital emergency over the weekend, he went to the doctor just to be sure.  

It is very hot and humid today.  I picked another 3 pints of raspberries, made a pudding dessert, vacuumed etc.  

Sat. July 18 – Yard Sale

#1 Son slept here last night and we got up early and set up a yard sale.  We had a big U shape so people could go one way, social distancing and we had a hand sanitizing station at the beginning.  We set up a large umbrella and chairs in the middle.  It went well and they got rid of a lot of their flea market stock.  They have being storing it in our garage since they decided not to do the flea market anymore.  

We were going to bbq but Clyde suddenly got a black swollen eye like he is either allergic to something or got bit by something. And #1 Son wanted a shower so they went home and we ordered pizza.  They’re coming back tomorrow.  They moved all the tables together and covered everything with a tarp.  They sold a lot.  They made about $650.

Sun. Jul 19 – Rained out

#1 Son was here early at 6:30 am.  We set up the yard sale again but it was very hot and not many customers.  It was very windy and a storm blew in.  We had to scramble like crazy to put everything away or cover it up but the rain came down in torrents so fast!  We all got soaked.  After that I was exhausted.  #1 Son went home and I had a rest and read my book.  At least the rain cooled it off a bit.

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