Keys, Bees, Swollen Finger.

Monday, July 13 – Hubby and I cleaned up the brush under the pine trees.  I varathaned some of the things I have painted.  

Tues. July 14 – I saw the muskrat and was rushing to get my camera and I caught my fingers in the screen door and bent them backward.  Gee it hurt, now my middle finger is black and swollen, and I missed the camera shot! Hubby found a place that would make a new truck key for half,the price of the dealership so he took it in.  I picked more raspberries and I baked zucchini cookies and a zucchini lemon loaf. We also put the bee boxes in the freezer to kill any mites etc. ready for tomorrow.  #2 Son laid his cement sidewalk.

Wed. July 15 – I did church books.  Hubby went to the Denturist who is selling us 2 hives of bees.  He arranged to pick them up after supper.  #2 son went with him.   The one hive was very agitated, so they didn’t transfer them from the nucleus cardboard boxes to the hives, they left them.  Hubby got stung once on his hand which I was kind of glad because he kept saying oh they won’t sting me, they won’t sting me.  He is so stubborn so it brought him down a peg! Lol

Thur. July 16 – It poured rain most of the day.  Hubby decided to purchase a stingless bee suit and gloves from a place in Hammertown so he went off to get it and I went with Win to buy some canvas material to make a canopy for the gazebo she got for free, garbage picking lol.  The fabric store had a 50% off sale.  Hubby also picked up his new truck keys and I got groceries.  He tried on his new bee suit and then transferred the bees to the boxes without mishap.

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