Muskrats, Truck, Shooting

Thurs.July 9 – It is still hot and humid and no rain.  Everything is terribly dry. And still no sign of the muskrat.  I sneak out early every morning with my camera to look across the road at their holes in the ditch.  Hubby has seen them and I have glimpsed one diving back in its burrow but I was not quick enough for a photo.  It was very fat so we think she might have had babies.  Hubby saw it running from the neighbour’s with a lettuce or something in its mouth, it must have raided his garden.  Lol

Fri. July 10 – I went in the CU and got a bank draft to pay for the new truck.  I took in a bag of shredding for the bin and some books I had cleaned out of my book shelf for the book sale in the Fall although they may not have it this year.  We picked up our new truck at noon today.  Shortly after there was a mob shooting right in that area.  3 shot, 1 dead. Wow so close to where we were!  

The truck didn’t come with an extra set of keys so we called a few places.  Some said it would cost $300-400 for a new set and to code them.  We were not happy.  Why can’t you just get a regular old key?  So annoying!

  #1 Son and family came over about 3.  They decided to postpone the yard sale until next weekend as it is supposed to rain and is so hot.  They put the rest of their stuff in the garage after moving some things around.  They stayed for supper. We barbecued steaks, baked potatoes and fried zucchini and veggies.  I made a dessert with graham crackers, instant pudding, dream whip and strawberries.  They loved it. Lol

Sat. July 11– It poured rain most of the day which was good because we really needed it and it cooled the temperature down.  Hubby worked in his shop most of the day and I sorted and photoshopped pictures.  Hubby and #2 Son cleaned 2 bee boxes and they are picking up 2 hives on Monday. 

Sunday, July 12 –I did some weeding and pruning.  Hubby scuffled the veggie garden.  I picked 4 pints of raspberries from our few bushes.  

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