New Truck and Sewing for Barbies

On Sunday Hubby and I drove over the skyway to look at a truck for sale and ended up buying it!  2013 Ford F-150 4wd with only 86,000 km on it for the right price. Most of them have way too many kms on them for the year.  We pick it up Friday.  We put the old truck out to the road for sale.

We finished off the veggie garden gate and I painted a “No Rabbits Allowed” sign to hang on it. I sewed the lounge chairs and put them back together. I picked raspberries and 2 zucchini’s, the first ones this year. 

Win went to work on the farm all day Monday and 2 half days Tues and Wed as it was so hot, so brought the girls over for me to babysit.  We went strawberry picking.  I thought they might be sparse as it has been so dry but they were plentiful and we picked 6 quarts in no time.  We baked some strawberry muffins and some chocolate fudgy cookies.  We sat in the sun porch in the morning and they sewed doll clothes out of old scraps of material. They like sewing and are quite good at it. They have no patterns, just trace around the doll and cut and design the clothes, just like I used to when I was a kid.  I found 3 empty tuna cans and we each made a pin cushion. It is very hot and humid again so we stayed down in the basement rec room most of the day. The girls got out the old cardboard Barbie house that I bought at an auction years ago for a $1, fixed up the furniture and played with it.  They didn’t want to go home.   I slept in the basement both nights. It was way too hot upstairs.

The Barbie house bedroom
The living room

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