Magical Fireflies and a Wall

Mon. June 29 – Park Visit and Fireflies

Win, Janet and I packed a lunch and drove to Bronte park to meet Min, Cin and Lin there for a visit.  We all went on a little hike and then sat in lawn chairs under the trees, social distancing, and ate our lunches and talked.  Then we went on another hike along the top of the river.  It wasn’t too bad under the trees in the woods but it was very hot in the sun.  It was a nice day, we were home by 4:30.  

About 9:30 pm. I drove to Win’s and she, the girls and I went for a walk down in the valley in the woods behind her house.  The valley was full of twinkling, sparkling fireflies.  It was magical!  The girls had fun catching them and letting them go.  The night before Win had seen a whole family of skunks so we had to be careful!

Hubby cleaned and then sold #2 Sons fridge that had been sitting out in the driveway.  He got his truck back to take parts off.  

Wed. Jul 1 – Canada Day

 Janet walked around the gardens and grounds of the nursing home while I had an in person visit with Mom.  I had got a face shield made of see through plastic at the dollar store so was able to use that and she could see my face.  It was much better.  After lunch, janet and I went to Bros for a swim and visit.  We had hamburgers for suppers. We watched fireworks on TV.

Thurs. July 2 -Hubby builds a Wall

 It was very hot and humid today.  Janet left to drive home about 8:45.  In the ongoing saga of Hubby a.k.a. Mr. McGregor and his war against Peter Rabbit,  Hubby decided he would borrow a strategy from Donald Trump and build a wall!! around the vegetable garden.  He has seen a rabbit in there every morning, sitting enjoying its breakfast of beet greens or spinach etc.  He put a whirligig spinner down by the beets thinking it would scare the rabbit but the next day Peter was sitting next to it as if to say, “How nice, they put a fan here to cool me off while I have my breakfast “.  LOL. It drives him crazy.  We used up a stack of old wood we had lying around. Hopefully this will keep them out!

One thought on “Magical Fireflies and a Wall

  1. I used to live where there were fireflies when I was a child. We called them lightning bugs. It’s an amazing sight!

    I hope you win the battle with the rabbits. Gardens are too much work to have them eaten willy nilly by the wildlife. !!!

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