Friends, Truck Woes

Friday, Hubby took a water sample down to the pool place and they said we had to replace the water in The hot tub..  Janet arrived just before noon.  We sat around and talked.  We had ribs, potato salad, lettuce salad and cake and strawberries for supper as it was Janet’s birthday.  

Sat. June 27 –  Truck is Toast

On Saturday we went for our pedicure at 9 and then went to Home Depot looking for a Squatty Potty but it wasn’t what we wanted.  We were looking for a portable chemical toilet to take camping but they are sold out everywhere!  Then we went to Costco and Freshco and home.  Hubby picked up the quarter mixed beef and we crammed it in the freezer.  It was quite hot and humid.  We picked a few mullberries before supper.  Hubby had his truck towed in to be fixed,but they called later to say it isn’t worth fixing.  It is a 2002 with only 237,000 km on it.  He is very upset.

Sun. June 28 – Friend reunion

Janet went to meet April for a visit at 10.  I watched the church service on my IPad and then went on the zoom coffee hour meeting.  I cut the grass around the veggie garden.  Friends from high school came for a visit in the afternoon.  We had a good laugh about old times.  It was good.  We BBQd steaks for supper.

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