Father’s Day, Glasses, Strawberries

Sunday, June 21 – Father’s Day was to be hot, 40 with the humidex and we have no air conditioning.   It wasn’t too bad on the back porch with the fans going, however, we did eat in the rec room in the basement, so cool down there. We celebrated #1 Son’s wife’s 31st birthday as well. The boys played in the little dog pool and the newly cleaned up sandbox. Artie is walking now, such a difference from when we saw him last week! Hubby bbq’d pork chops and we had potato salad, corn salad, Win brought a lettuce salad made from lettuce she grew in her garden, I made a trifle.  The Pencil dyed my hair before she went home.

Monday, June 22 – I went and picked up my new glasses.  They don’t look as red as they did when I ordered them which is good. I like them.  I cleaned out my kitchen utensil drawer, sorted 2 drawers in the buffet and put the overflow utensils in one of those drawers.  It is so much better now, things don’t get jammed in there and stuck!  Then Hubby and I put up new ceiling tiles in the rec room as it was so hot outside.  Another good job done!

Tuesday, June 23 – The girls all came over about 8:30 this morning and we all went strawberry picking before it got too hot.  We picked 18 quarts as that is all the baskets I could find.  It took us maybe 45 minutes.  

Hubby had an appointment with the denturist because he has been making an annoying sound with his teeth when he eats.  It is irritating to all of us but he can’t hear it.  He is getting them re-lined so soup for supper for him tonight. Lol

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