Covid test, canoe rack, Garden Bench

Wed. June 17 – I baked and then I painted the stand Hubby made for the canoes and kayak.  It looks good.  He went to a neighbours and tilled her garden etc.  

Thur. Jun 18- Covid Test

I weeded the flower gardens all morning, then went in the hot tub.  It was so nice I could have fallen asleep in there!  Then I went for the drive up Covid test around the back of the hospital.  It was unpleasant but quick.  I get the results in  7 days and I have a visit booked with Mom for July 1st as long as it comes back negative.  

Fri. Jun 19 – it was hot and humid today.  I laid patio stones where I want the bbq to do now, then I emptied the sand box to try and dry it out.  I also wire brushed the cast iron garden bench ready to paint. I got it years ago at an auction for $3 because it had a broken leg which Hubby fixed. I got groceries and we ordered curb side fish and chips for supper.  

Sat. June 20 – Covid result

I made a trifle and potato salad for Father’s Day bbq tomorrow.  I went grocery shopping again and then painted the cast iron bench. It looks good.  Oh Hubby helped #2 Son with the van he is fixing up.  I cleaned out the sandbox, moved it and put it back together.  And did a bit more weeding.  It was very hot and humid.  I just thought I would check the Covid test website and the result was there already!  And it was negative.  Yeah!


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    • Well maybe I am a wimp but it kind of hurt. Lol. I felt like I was getting a headache afterwards so I took a Tylenol and was fine. It was quick though, And thanks!

  1. You sound busy, happy, and positive. I am glad your test was negative. That’s good news. Please a good week or the best week as possible. I enjoy reading your blog/diary here at DD?

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