45th Anniversary, Convocation etc.

Tues, June 2 – I caught up on the church and cemetery books.  We had a zoom with Mom using headphones which worked better although she didn’t say much.  Hubby worked on hooking up the hot tub.

Wed. Jun 3 – Broken Stove.  

The stove burner light wouldn’t turn off last night so Hubby took the back off this morning and took off the switch.  He bought a new one and put it on.  He saves us so much money because he is so handy!  He just looks at something and figures it out.  I had planned to bake but instead I spent the morning cleaning the stove and all in behind and under it. Ick!  Rewarded myself with a coffee and baileys. Lol.

Thurs June 4 – I got up early and went for groceries.  Then I weeded the front gardens.  Hubby finished hooking up the electrical for the hot tub and then we put water in it from the cistern and turned it on. Yeah!  We had to wait for it to warm up as it started out at 55 degrees.  About 11 pm it was 104 so we went in before bed.  It was lovely!

Fri Jun 5 –  I went to the pool place to get a spa kit and then I weeded out the front, cut the grass in the ditch and then cut the rest of the grass.  Hubby and #2 Son picked up a used washing machine last night for #2s apartment.

Sat. Jun 6. –  I made muffins and an applesauce loaf.  Hubby went to #2 sons and tilled up the whole backyard so he can plant grass.  Later on I was in the hot tub and it suddenly shut off.  Hubby thinks there is air in the lines but was too tired to try an fix it.

Sun. June 7 – our 45th anniversary.

Hubby spent the day helping #1 Son and wife move all the stuff out of their flea market booth.  They had to take down all the shelves and display case.  They brought a lot of it to our house to put in the garage until they can sell it.  It was a beautiful day not too hot, just right for sitting outside.

Monday Jun 8 – we pruned the mulberry tree and took branches to the dump.  Hubby fixed the hot tub.  I did church books.

Tuesday, June 9 – I had an optometrist appt to get new glasses. The optometrist I have gone to for 50 years finally retired and so did Dennis his assistant.  So sad.  My new glasses cost $1018.00 because they are so specialized, have prisms, bifocals, anti glare, and customized lenses, not to mention the Cadillac of frames.  It is really hard to pick out frames with a face mask on and you can’t see! The ones I picked out are red. I hope I like them. They will be ready in 2 weeks.  She did say that my eyes are very healthy, no sign of glaucoma, macro or cataracts.

Wed. Jun 10 -Back to work?

My manager texted me so I called him. They are thinking other branches will open and they will need us to come back to work July 2. I told him I had that booked as vacation and I wouldn’t come back until July 8 at the earliest.  But I am not thrilled about seeing members in person.  He said I would have to but they do have plexi barriers but only 4 and they share them 🙄 ridiculous!  I told him I was willing to take early retirement but didn’t want to lose my bonus.  He said they are talking about a retirement package but it’s still not finalized yet and probably won’t be for a couple more months. Ugh!

Thur. June 11 – Hubby fixed the back gate and fixed the deck behind the hot tub.  I weeded.  One of my members dropped off his income tax for me to do.  We ordered 1 steak and cheese from Bugsys for supper.

Fri June 12– I cleaned up the woods while Hubby worked on his truck.

Sun. Jun 14 7th Birthday

In the morning I sewed a new cover on the garden swing set.  The family came here for #1 oldest sons 7th birthday.  We had a bbq.  It was a nice day, sunny but not too hot.  

Tuesday, Jun 16convocation

Hubby and I worked all morning fixing the fence at the back and cutting dead branches down.  A member I did his income tax for came and picked it up and brought me a nice bottle of wine.  We had a parish council zoom meeting at 1 and then the Pencils virtual convocation, as she graduated from police foundations college, was after that and then I had a zoom with mom but she was asleep and wouldn’t wake up.  We are allowed to visit the nursing homes now but only one at a time and we have to have had a Covid test within 14 days so I have a Covid test booked for thurs at 2:30.  I’m not looking forward to that!

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