New Hot Tub

On Sunday we bought a used hot tub from a very nice couple off marketplace.  They live in a real neat old historic house with a round turret near the Niagara River.  The tub is just a 2-3 person size but that is all we need.  We saw it running and the man let us borrow his trailer to take it home in.  The boys went and helped move it.  Afterwards Hubby took the trailer back and stopped at #1 Sons to help him move a big rock.

Monday, May 25 Hubby and I fixed the floor of the garden shed.  It was very hot and humid again and it took us most of the day. It was a job we had been meaning to do for a long time. Today, we dug up all the patio stones where the hot tub is to go. We relaid them so they are level. It was hard work and difficult to get them perfectly even and straight but it looks good and the boys came tonight to borrow the canoe so they helped move the hot tub into place, onto the stones.  Now Hubby just has to figure out how to hook it up to the hydro.

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