Spring Cleaning & Lay Off

I have been Spring cleaning like there is no tomorrow!  On Wednesday I cleaned out part of the sun porch.  Thursday, Hubby and I got the indoor outdoor carpet and patio furniture out of the garage loft and cleaned it and set it up.  Hubby fixed the front screen door and put up garden dividers. I hung up the oriole and hummingbird feeders on them and it wasn’t long before they found them. Thursday and Friday, I cleaned windows, weeded and cleaned more of the sun porch.

Moms Covid test came back negative but they have a few cases in her nursing home, not on her floor though.  She has been wheezing so they are giving her an inhaler but she can’t do it properly so they are getting a mask for her to get the medicine properly.  We zoomed with her onTuesday but she didn’t talk at all.  I found out that my employer laid off 100 people.  I spoke to a friend still working who says they might offer a retirement package.  If so I would take it.  Will have to wait and see.  

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