Car Accident

We were sitting have our morning tea when we got a call from the Pencil that the Goober had been in a car accident.  His driver side airbag had deployed while he was driving!  He couldn’t see and hit a tree.  He was okay, just in shock.  Apparently there is a recall on the car because of the airbags.  He is very lucky, he could have been killed.  He grazed a tree which slowed him down before he hit the other tree. It was on a rural road, no one around. #2 Son and the Pencil were close by so drove to the scene.   He was so upset. An ambulance came and checked him out but he didn’t want to go to the hospital because of Covid.  His mother is a nurse so she will watch him.  The cop reluctantly gave him a ticket because he had to for $400.  He told him to fight it. The Goober was on his way to #2 Son’s to see a guy who wanted to buy his boat.  #2 Son sold it for him for $400.  Easy come, easy go I guess.  All things considered, it could have been much worse,

Yesterday I cleaned upstairs and Hubby worked taking a couple of loads to the dump for someone who paid him.  We picked up curb side Chinese food for supper from a place near where I work.  It was very good and a good price too.  

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