Moved out

#2 Son and family moved most of the rest of their stuff out on Sunday, Mother’s Day.  They came back about 4 and we had a family Zoom chat for Mother’s Day.  They had supper with us and brought a cheesecake for dessert and then they left to sleep In their own house! When they got home, the pencil put in a load of washing and then took the dog for a walk.  When she got back, #2 Son had put the new bottle of laundry soap on top of the dryer/washer and it had fallen off, broken and splattered all over the new drywall, and floor! Ugh!

It has been a long, interesting, sometimes aggravating but mostly fun 13 months, 10 days!!  We were happy to help them out.  Our house is going to seem so empty now!  Who will help me do the jigsaw puzzles and crosswords?  Who will we have Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy contests with?  Who will sit up past midnight watching crime shows with me?  And poor Sophie is going to miss Tyson so much. 😥.  We, however, will not miss his stinky farts,  his noisy chewing, his butt sitting on Hubby’s legs and feet or his ridiculous howling!  Weirdest dog ever!  😂🤣.  We are so proud of all the work they have done on their new house!  Persevering through set backs, delays, bad weather and miserable inspectors,  not to mention the hindrance of Covid and all that it entailed!  And we know there is still lots to finish up but it will be easier now they are living there.  It is beautiful and they have done a great job!  

Monday I spent most of the day cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming.  The Pencil came and got another load of her sons stuff.  Tuesday I spent cleaning the laundry room and doing laundry.  I had a church Zoom meeting and a zoom meeting with Mom.  She was very chatty today!  Talking up a storm about where she taught and her old neighbours from years and years ago.  As we were leaving the zoom, she said, well, I don’t know if I’ll see you again, and then it was turned off.  Kind of strange.

Wednesday and Thursday I cleaned the rec room, caught up the church books and started the puzzle Win gave me for Mother’s Day. It is hard though. Hubby took a load of brush to the dump and a load to the scrap yard too.

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