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Yesterday I got a call from the nursing home where Mom is to say one of the nurses has tested positive for the Covid19 virus.  I called Bro and told him; he was very upset.  Many of the nursing homes are bad but hers was doing okay until now. 

My friend Carolyn who returned from Florida about a week ago is in isolation with her 2 friends and one of them has had a fever for 3 days.  He has no other symptoms but it doesn’t sound good.

The tellers at work had plexi-glass shields installed on their wickets on Thursday.  They were clean when put up but later we could see spots on them which must be spray from people’s mouths!  You don’t realize how much spray comes out of your mouth.  Hubby has been wearing a mask when he goes to the grocery store now.  I will make some cloth ones; they are quite easy to make with hair elastics of which Maddy has a ton.

On March 24th everything but essential services was shut down by the Government.  We at work are an essential service so are open but they closed half of the branches to the public.  The employees are still at work on the phones and computers, just not waiting on the public.  Unfortunately, our branch is one that has been left open but with reduced hours.  We have the door locked and a person outside only letting people in that have a transaction that can’t be done at an ATM, online, night deposit or by telephone. On Saturday March 28th we turned away over 80 people in the 4 hours we were open. I sit in my office with the door closed so don’t see anyone face to face because I am over 65 but I did do a half hour as the door guard while Charlotte had her lunch.  I rigged up a jay cloth to wear as a face mask.  Lol Better than nothing!   I spray my office with Lysol when I go in first thing in the morning.  I have sanitizer on my desk too.  The branches that are open are being treated to free lunches for 2 weeks and now we are allowed to wear jeans as well; a couple of perks for risking our lives.:)

On the home front, we are keeping busy.  Hubby has been fixing the rototiller in his shop.  #2 Son pruned all the fruit trees and Hubby picked up all the branches.  The Pencil and I have done 2 x1000 piece puzzles, one of a beach, the other a really large Canada goose.  The crocuses, scilla and snowdrops are blooming in my garden.  Win has been laid off work so has been doing a lot of wood burning projects.  She has 5 kids (2 of her own and 3 of her boyfriend’s) living in her small 2 bedroom house.  I don’t know how she stays sane!  She has 7 people, 2 cats and a dog living there.  Her boyfriend is from the USA but is staying here and working from her house for as long as he can I guess.  # 1 Son has been laid off and his wife just finished her maternity leave so her unemployment has run out. I will have to help make their mortgage payments. She is keeping the 3 kids busy.  The Pencil and I and their family did a virtual paint night on Sunday.  I found some paint and watercolour paper and 3 easels up in the craft room for us to use. We painted the Northern Lights.  The paint and brushes weren’t the greatest but it was fun.

On Monday Tyson #2 Son’s 8 year old Rottweiler kept moping around, we could tell there was something wrong, he wouldn’t eat or drink.  This went on all day and night and the next day, #2 Son was not working so he took him to the new house.  He went and lay down in the closet.  So #2 took him to the vet who could see nothing wrong so did x-rays and still found nothing.  #2 brought him home and the next day, he was fine, back to his old self!  What the heck?  $500 vet bill for nothing! 

And that has been our week!

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  1. I just realized I don’t know where you live. When you said ‘wickets’ for what we call teller ‘windows’ I realized I was missing something. 🙂 That is a jay cloth??

    These are strange times indeed. Sounds like you are coping pretty well.

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