Inspection, Contests, Isolation

Thursday March 19 – Inspection
Big drama here on Thursday when I came home from work.  Hubby had met the inspector at #2Son’s new house and it didn’t go well. His blood pressure was through the roof Im sure. It would take too long to explain but suffice it to say some of the drywall has to come back down. The Pencil and I had to calm him down, make him sit and watch TV to get his mind off it.  The inspector guy is a jerk. #2 Son is depressed. We considered writing an email to the inspectors superior but after a few drafts and much discussion we decided to bite the bullet and just redo what needs to be done.

Saturday, March 21 – Pruning and Contests

I read my book for a couple of hours this morning, and then I went out and pruned the row of grape vines and the raspberries and put the clippings in a pile to burn.  It was a nice sunny crisp day with a bit of frost on the ground.

To keep from being bored while house bound, the family, being a competitive bunch had a “Draw Yourself” contest.  We were in Separate houses (social distancing at its best).  We posted the results on Facebook which were quite good.  The grandson who is 6 did an amazing job! He is so detailed; he is the only one who drew in a background. He also drew his Mom and 2 younger brothers. Puddin is a good artist too.  Also a couple of days we had a colouring contest and posted them on FB and friends voted for the best one.

Monday, March 23 – Self Isolation

Hubby and #2 Son worked at the new house all day fixing what needed to be done for the inspection.  Once again the plumbers and the dry wallers didn’t show up like they had promised.  Tomorrow starts a lock down of non essential businesses so we are worried they will never get this passed!  The list came out later in the day and it looks like construction businesses will be able to stay open.  Unfortunately banks are too so guess I have to go to work on Thursday.  

I quite enjoy self isolating!  I have lots to do, reading, knitting, sewing, crosswords, puzzles etc.  I read my book most of the day.  Usually I feel guilty if I sit and read too long but now I have an excuse!   If I really get bored I could clean the house! Lol. So far that hasn’t happened but I did wash my collection of little teapots  yesterday.  Maybe I will try to do one cleaning item a day.  Also I have been teaching Maddy to cook.  One day she made curried chicken and rice, we made banana loaves yesterday and today the lesson was Shepherd’s Pie.  

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