Broken Window & Plastic Gloves

On Monday, one of my old members drove his car forward into the large front window at work! The financial advisor was sitting at his desk with his back to the window.  It scared the crap out of him.   The window didn’t even break!  I guess it is bullet proof.  The frame was just bent in and the repairman just bent it back out today.  And on another note, our woodstove glass door shattered, again the other night!  Hubby was not impressed.

There are 4 employees from work that are self-isolating so we are short staffed.  On Wednesday we started shortened hours of operation and we have plastic gloves to wear but they make our hands hot and sweaty.   It is very busy; the phone seems to never stop ringing.   People are worried about the stock markets, how they will make their mortgage payments with no income, seniors wanting to pay bills and they don’t know how to use online banking or debit cards.  People are still coming in even though we are trying to do as much banking as possible over the phone.  Social Distancing is not happening at the bank. The employees are feeling very vulnerable.  Win’s flower shop is only taking phone orders.  And she is cooped up with 5 kids in the house this week while her BF is working from home upstairs in the bedroom.  #1 Son and wife are both laid off and her maternity unemployment insurance has run out.  We may have to help them out.  #2 Son is still working.

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