Cakes & Lost in the Woods

Church was cancelled on Sunday due to the Coronavirus so I had the morning free to bake.  The Pencil made an oreo cheesecake, and I made a bear cake. Everyone came over in the afternoon and we celebrated Arthur’s 1st Birthday and Maddy’s16th birthday together.  The kids played Bingo, we did a 500 piece puzzle and we BBQd hamburgers and hotdogs and had salads. 

Everyone is starting to stay in and isolate themselves to prevent the virus spreading.  All kinds of events and kid’s programs for the March break this week are cancelled.  What do you do with 9 grandkids and Coronavirus has everything closed? Go on a Family Hike of course!!  It was a beautiful crisp day so we all met at SH Provincial Park, 5 adults and 9 kids to go on a 4 km trail but somehow we got lost and it turned into a 7 km marathon up and down treacherously slippery hills, through prickly bushes, over waterfalls and through lots and lots of mud!!  We had no cell phone service but we finally made it out alive! LOL  Everyone slept very well that night!

Start of our hike

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