Trip Postponed By Coronavirus

Sat. March 7 – Hubby and I went out and fixed the fence as the dogs have been digging trying to get into the neighbour’s pen where the horses are. We fixed it temporarily as the ground was frozen.  The Pencil dyed my hair after going to the gym.  

Sunday I went to church, Hubby looked after the flea market booth all day.  The Pencil and I picked up Migrant workers and took them to the Spanish service and Win and I drove them home after the community dinner.  There were 75 tonight plus the volunteers.

Monday I finished our income tax, we went to Costco, I went to Lenten Book study and then we went for our pedicures.  #2 Son’s main floor passed the gas inspection but the top floor didn’t.  There was a leak.

Tuesday, March 10 -I did some laundry, vacuumed, did church books and went to the stewardship meeting.  

Wednesday, March 11 – I was off work. Janet called the travel company directly and they said we could reschedule our trip for up to 18 months.  So we have postponed it as they said they are shutting all the tourist sites like the temples etc down, so there is no point going if we can’t see the attractions.  We are very disappointed and depressed.  We are both all packed.  But it is the best thing to do.  #1 Son and family returned from their trip today and picked up their dog.

Friday, March 13 – The first case of Corona virus Is in our city today.  Everything is shutting down, the schools are closing for March break and staying closed for 2 weeks after that.  People are cancelling travel plans left and right. All the arenas, library, city services will not be operating. Even the Prime Ministers wife has it and they are is isolation.  All day at work I was constantly going back and forth to the bathroom to wash my hands! Good thing I am close to it. Hubby and I had planned to go out for Supper to a place he saw on FB. We decided to take a chance and go. It was $15 for chicken, ribs, fries, all you can eat salad bar and dessert.  It was really good. I work tomorrow.

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