Travel, This & That

On Saturday I did housework and made stuffed peppers and banana bread for supper.  # 2 Son and I watched the Goober’s ball hockey game.  It was for the championship and his team won in overtime.  Sunday I went to church.  Hubby went to the flea market to open #1 son’s booth.  I visited Mom in the afternoon.   When I got home I had a message from #1 Son that when they boarded the cruise ship in Miami, their travel agent hadn’t booked Baby Artie!  He wanted to use my US Visa card to pay the difference but I didn’t see the message until 3 hours after he sent it.  By this time the ship would have left already and there is no free wifi on it so we didn’t know what happened.  But we assume no news is good news and they let them on.  Artie turns 1 in a couple of weeks so surely they would accommodate him!

On Monday I went to Lenten Book study in the afternoon.  I had them laughing.  They asked what our favourite Bible story was when we were kids and I said, Shadrack, Meshak and Abendigo!  Because I loved their names!  I loved saying their names. LOL  Then we were talking about women’s names in the Bible and I said, well I had # 1 and #2 Sons who have biblical names that start with a D but I just couldn’t name Win, Delilah! And they all started laughing again.  Afterwards  I went to see the travel agent to pick up the package.for our trip.

Tuesday was a wet rainy day.  I picked up Maddy from school and took her down to the school board as one of her pieces of artwork was on display in the lobby.  Later I made curried chicken for supper.  Win came over after work and The Pencil and I helped her finish her bio for the floral contest she is entering.  Pete wasn’t too sure about #1Sons dog, Peppa as it was their first time meeting but eventually they were all fine together. We even got them all in a sit stay 

I was too tired to go to Euchre tonight. 

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