Pancakes and Hubby’s Bad Day

On Saturday I bought the salad ingredients for the migrant workers dinner on Sunday.  No Frills had lettuce on sale, so I got 5 heads for the church and 2 for me. We were short drivers as there were 50 people to pick up so Win drove her van, with me and The Pencil driving our vans and the 3 of us picked up 15 guys.  We made the salads while they were in at the Spanish church service.  We ate supper with them and then drove them home.

On Monday, I did some laundry, church books, did #2 Son’s spreadsheet etc and went to the doctor to get malaria pills. She said she normally charges $40 for a travel consultation but because the receptionist hadn’t told me, she waived it. She didn’t have any face masks either, they are on back-order.  I felt tired and didn’t feel like doing much.  On Tuesday I did some more ironing and packing.  I took in 2 pairs of pants that are too big now that I have lost 30 pounds.  They were expensive pants and I really like them, so I didn’t want to buy new ones.

Last night we all went to the pancake supper at church.  Bro was there and Hubby’s Sister and husband came too.  There didn’t seem to be as many people there this year even though the weather was good.  I ate too much as usual and then felt bloated.  Why do I do this?  But it was so good!  Hubby’s Sister has some face masks I can have for our trip.

Hubby did not have a good day today!   #1 Son brought their dog, Peppa over for us to dog sit for 2 weeks. So now we have 3 large dogs in the house!  They are driving to Florida and then going on a cruise.  It was a wet snowy, mucky day out there and every time the dogs came in from outside, the 3 of them were soaked.

He came in to find the toilet had overflowed into the basement onto #2 Son’s bed directly below it.  He and the Pencil had to wash all the bedding.  He built a fire in the wood stove down there to try and dry things up. Then a short time later, he heard an explosion.  He went down to discover the glass door on the wood stove that he had just had replaced, had shattered into a million pieces.  They must not have replaced it with fireproof glass!  Again, he and the Pencil cleaned everything, swept up all the glass.  He called the company and they have ordered another one.  I’m kind of glad I was at work today! LOL

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