Ball Hockey & New Phone

I worked on Tuesday, and had Wednesday off.  I got Hubby all hooked up with his “new” phone, a hand me down from #1 Sons wife.  It is bright pink so I bought him a black case to cover it. I also bought some wet wipes to take on our trip but I couldn’t get any face masks.  They are all sold out and the clerk said, they come from China so they have stopped importing them as they need them there.  Hubby has some dust masks we can take instead.  Hope we don’t need them but better to have them on hand just in case.                                                                         

After supper #2 Son and I went to the Goober’s Ball hockey game.  He is the goalie.  It was a good game, tied 2/2, they went into 5 minutes overtime, killed off a 4 minute penalty, still tied, so they had a shoot out and we lost.  I was absolutely frozen by the end of it! 

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